Fertility Timeline

Our journey…

7/2010-7/2011 – Trying naturally for 6 months and then decided to try opk sticks. Finding out that I ovulate a bit late on my regular 28-30 day cycle.

8/2011  – Start charting my bbt temps. I find that I have a slightly short luteal phase, but nothing a little vitamin B Complex can’t fix

11/2011 – Go to my OBGYN to let them know “um, I’m 30 years old and I’ve been trying for a year with no luck” they do a few blood tests and everything looks fine. They say I can go to Fertility Clinic if I feel I need to.

3/2012 – I go make my first appointment. Mr. Truffle does a SA – everything on his end is perfect. I do an HSG and they tell me that my tubes are open but I MAY have polyps (what?).

4/2012– I find I do not have polyps through a diagnostic hysteroscopy. I’m relieved, but not really. At this point I was excited to just go ahead and remove the polyps already so I could hurry up and get preggers! if it’s not the polyps, what IS it? Ugh, I guess it is a good thing I dont’ have polyps, I should be thankful that nothing is ‘wrong.’

5/2012 – IUI #1 – medicated with 5mg of Letrazole, natural ovulation. BFN (1 day chem preg – I’ll expand in another post)

6/2012 – IUI #2 – medicated with 5mg of Letrzole, CD9 fsh (Brevelle injection), Ovridel (trigger), 100mg of Prometrium (progesterone)  BFN

6/20/2012 – Ever since we started the IUI #2, Mr. Truffle and I have been contemplating IVF, and we are 99% sure we will do that this cycle. (I’m currently on CD2) Today is our RE’s IVF seminar that they hold once a month. We have to tell my Nurse Practitioner (NP) if we are doing IVF for sure by Thursday (tomorrow) so that I could start my birth control pills.

7/2012 IVF #1 – Got 12 eggs, 9 fertilized, transfered 2 (both good/fair quality) , froze 1 (fair).  Protocol:

  • 225 Follistim, 75 Menopur, 200mg Prometrium
  • Got a BFN in August.

9/2012 – FET #1 – Cancelled. Tried then natural route, but was not getting a positive OPK stick to let me know I was going to ovulate so this cycle was cancelled. Decided we needed to take a break and went to the Carribean for much needed R&R

10/2012 FET #1 – This time, tried the medicated route. transfered 1 frozen embryo that was fair quality that turned to good quality upon freezing, but then came back at fair quality (BB-).  got our BFN in November 2012. RE said no benefit in waiting so decided to go straigth into IVF 2

12/2012  IVF #2 begins. Protocol:

  • 332 Follistim, 75 Menopur, Endometrium
  • BFP
  • Beta #1 – 182
  • Beta #2 –

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