Real Housewives of Infertility

What do you think of my new look? I figured, new IVF cycle, new blog look. it’s a lot brighter than my last, no?

So I’m a reality TV junkie. Specifically, a Real Housewives of Anywhere fan. Did anyone catch yesterday’s episode of Real Housewives of Miami? Lisa one of the characters who is the wife of a plastic surgeon seemingly has it all. The big house, the jewels, the leisurely lifestyle, but is missing one thing. A Baby. Her storyline has been her wanting to have a baby, or to be more specific, to keep a baby. She can get pregnant, but has had multiple miscarriages and is seeing a doctor in hopes to start a family with her husband.  There was a particular scene yesterday where Lisa is talking with another housewife (Lea) and talks about how she is seeing a doctor and hopes to be able to start a family soon. She then bursts into uncontrollable tears confessing her fear of “what if I never have a baby” and I just thought that moment was so real. I have felt that way so many times and still have momentary lapses where I think, what if, and get hit with emotional feelings that I cannot predict are coming.

I noticed a lot more tv shows expose fertility issues, even on the Real Housewives franchise: Jaqueline in the Real Housewives of New Jersey who struggled with the same issue as Lisa from Miami of multiple miscarriages; and Heather from the Real Housewives of the OC confessed that she had her children through IVF, Alexis also from the OC admitted to having at least one child through IUI. Then there’s Bill and Giuliana who went the surrogate route, Khloe Kardashian who is having trouble conceiving on their reality show, etc.  I always get intrigued when I see reality shows that have a storyline around infertility. These women are brave to share their journey on TV and even take us along their trips to the fertility clinic, and I appreciate being able to watch how they deal with the struggle. I’m glad that the fertility world is getting more exposure.  Women are working, living in cities, exposed to environmentally hazardous things all the time, are overworked and over stressed. I think in this day and age, fertility struggles are more common than we think in modern society.

On a side note, I’m so horrified of the events that happened in Connecticut today. My prayers are with the children, victims, and the family members of this tragedy 😦




She’s Finally Here!

Thank goodness AF is finally here. I’m on Day 4, or is it Day 3. I always get confused. I got my period late night on Friday… dont know whether to count Friday as Day 1, or Saturday as Day1.

I will be starting Lupron on the 8th, Vivelle Patches on October 18th (approxmiately) and my estimated Transfer date will be November 8. That seems SUPER far out from now. Why does it take so long, hrmph.

Congrats to all my blog friends who got pregnant this time around 🙂 I have BFP envy on you guys but in a good way 🙂 , and I have come to *heart* you and want to continue with you on your journies 🙂 xoxo If anything, your stories give me hope!



Religion, Going Deep

So I’m currently out of state, and had to travel with my Lupron. Going through the airport with syringes and a lunch bag with frozen gel packs to keep my Lupron cool was actually a cinch. No questions, no nothing. I injected myself with Lupron in the airplane bathroom, and I must say I am a pro – efficient and quick! The only thing I forgot was my hazardous waste box. Oops. So Nurse Mom made me dispose of the needle in a glass juice bottle, in which I am now collecting all of my used injection needles while I’m here. I do not yet know what I will do when I leave for back home.

Now, get ready… I’m going deep. I’ve grown up in a Christian home and have always gone to church my entire life. My extended family is all Christian, and the aunt in whom I’m visiting at the moment is what they call a ‘prayer warrior.’ She is retired and spends most of her time now serving in a church and praying for others. This morning, she showed me her church’s official prayer request list and lo and behold, my name, and Mr. Truffle’s name was there of many, in which all of praying me and women go down the list and pray for through the week. I was touched. She has been praying for us early in the morning every morning for months. My mom and aunt (a different aunt back at home) wanted me to ask for my aunt to pray over me for me to conceive, so I asked her to. She prayed over me this morning with my mom next to me and I cried. My aunt has the gift of interpreting the Holy Spirit, and as she was praying she interpreted what the Holy Spirit was saying to her. “Truffles – be thankful, always thankful. Do not worry – you have been worrying. You are a precious daughter of mine, and I will bless you. Mr. Truffles is a son whom I love. And I will bless him. Be thankful.”

I’m going to be more thankful from now on. I already feel good and optimistic about this IVF cycle. I took my last birth control pill last night (yay) and will be starting my stims next Saturday!


Hello World!

Hello world!

So many other blogs have helped me through my journey of infertility, that I decided to start one too. I started one in hopes to ‘pay it forward.’ And I truly mean that. I’ve read so many stories of people going through fertility treatments, blood draws, ultrasounds, IUI’s and IVF that have helped me feel prepared, helped me feel like i’m not the only crazy symptom seeking woman on earth, and have also helped me feel hopeful.

And let’s face it, I wanted another forum in which I could liberally talk about all of the crazy obsessive things that run through my mind each cycle, especially during the dreaded two week wait, all behind the secure confines of a computer screen and keyboard.

We’re all in this headed in the same direction, towards getting that bfp. I’d rather get there taking ‘hope’ road, wouldn’t you?