I’m still here

Hi Blog World, I’m still here, and still cooking (a baby) šŸ™‚ I guess I have tons to catch you up on! Here are some random catch-up blurbs:

  • I’m 27 weeks pregnant (as of yesterday) Some phone apps tell you that the 27th week marks the beginning of the third trimester, other apps tell you that the 28th week is the third, so i’m either there, or almost there.
  • I haven’t had any bad symptoms this whole entire pregnancy! (knock on wood) I feel super blessed that this pregnancy has been such a breeze (compared to conceiving)
  • I found out I am having a Boy and boy is he one active little fella. He twirls, moves, and flips around all day in my belly. (even as I type)
  • Just yesterday was the first time I felt him doing hiccups. I’ve heard of this from other preggo ladies who are a bit ahead of me, but finally felt it on my own yesterday during a meeting at work! It feels like a steady rhythmic pulse that lasted for about 5 minutes.
  • Last month I came back from a baby moon from the Caribbean, and had a wonderful time with the hubby. Then I came back and had a bit of vacation blues, thinking our vacations will be so different (i know, in a good way!) from now on!
  • I’m going to be moving next month, to a little bit more spacious place, and have been focusing on the move. Therefore I haven’t done anything for the baby! I think i’m starting to feel a little nervous and feel like I want to be nesting….
  • I’m a little low on iron so I started taking an iron supplement a few days ago.
  • I passed my Glucose Test – that wasn’t fun. waiting around for 3 hours in the waiting room, and getting 3 blood draws is no fun.
  • I dont feel like I have any specific cravings, but if you ask Mr. Truffles, he’d probably say I have been wanting to eat a lot of pizza and icecream. Pizza I liked before but I think I may like extra these days, and ice-cream I’ve never really liked but feel like eating it once in a while.
  • I’ve been having some tailbone pain, I think its caused by my growing uterus and the pressure of it all, and the fact that I sit in front of the computer most of my work day….
  • I also get random bloody noses, but I hear that’s common during pregnancy.

Other than that I can’t think of anything that’s really been going on. Hence the lack of updates. I need to get back into blogging. I’ve been so lazy! I’m excited to read about how everyone else is doing….




6 responses

  1. Glad to hear everything is going smoothly! I get random nosebleeds all the time and I’ve never had them prior to pregnancy. So jealous of your babymoon to the Carribean..sounds amazing!

    • yeah the nose bleed thing is weird. at first i thought it was bad allergies and the dry air but i get it once every few days so i definitely think it’s a pregnancy thing. hope you’re doing well!!!

  2. Thanks so much for updating us all. Sounds like you are having such a nice and pleasant pregnancy, which you deserve after the IF struggles. Now you are on the home stretch. I’d love to see you again before baby comes! xoxo

  3. Best of luck with the move, that will be exciting. You have got there! The third trimester, wow! It’s lovely to read back on your blog and see the journey you have been on. A strong lady and a strong, hiccupy baby! Happy holidays to you and Mr truffles!

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