Halfway Mark!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been lazy. But I thought I’d update on my progress. I am 20 weeks as of Tuesday! Half way done with my pregnancy, and just last week we found out that the baby is A BOY!

We are ecstatic and excited as I am from a family of a lot of females 🙂

I haven’t had any painful symptoms, but I am starting to feel a bit of the discomforts that come along with pregnancy:

  • I get swollen feet (this is new to me) 
  • I have eczema on my arms (I’ve never had this)
  • My stomach feels stretching pains (maybe round ligament pains as well as some skin stretching sensations?)
  • My hands are swollen, I can’t put on my engagement ring on some days
  • My boobs are huge

But I am still enjoying my pregnancy nonetheless. I can feel him move a lot more now, and if i look carefully enough at my belly, I can see the movements through my skin! (very slightly, but I can still tell!)

It’s crazy to look back on my journey here, and just to… finally BE HERE.  I’ve been exercising (brisk walking, elliptical and light running) and have been to a few prenatal yoga sessions. I try to be mindful of what I’m eating, but have to admit, the hunger pangs are no joke, albeit me eating a little bit less than I usually do in one sitting (but there are many more sittings :S)

Thanks for reading!





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