The Reveal Relief, and 12 weeks!

If you read my previous post, I was worried going into my big reveal. But when it actually happened, it couldn’t have gone better! I was pretty convinced that I would be disappointed at my sister in law’s reaction to my pregnancy announcement, because I had been so distant throughout her pregnancy because of my infertility and all the emotions that came along with it. But when we finally announced it, it was so much fun! Here’s the story:

We drive almost 3 hours to Mr. Truffle’s family. We arrive at my mother in law’s house who had made this awesome birthday lunch for us both. Mr. Truffles and my birthdays are 10 days apart in February, and even though it was a few weeks after, Mr. Truffles’ mother wanted to celebrate with a lunch feast and a cake! So all the while we were eating the delicious food, and the delicious cake, I’m thinking of how she’s going to react at the news. I wasn’t worried about her reaction as much as my sister in laws, but when we casually told her that we pregnant while we were eating birthday cake, she jumped up for joy and ran around the table to give me a hug. It was pretty fun, and I almost cried. She did talk about my sister-in-law’s pregnancy for about 30 minutes thereafter, and it slightly irked me, but I was still very happy at her reaction.

After revealing to my mother in law, we drove over to my sister-in-law’s house to visit; me feeling apprehensive and nervous. We go and we chit-chat, and play with our nephew who is about 6 months old. About an hour into our visit, Mr. Truffles casually says, “didn’t we get something for our nephew?” And I casually say, “oh yeah, let me get it.” I give them a little gift, and my brother-in-law opens it but opens it the wrong way so he doesn’t see what’s written. He thanks us and hands it to my sister in law who opens it up to read the little t-shirt that says “soon to be big cousin”. My sister in law takes a second to realize what it says and JUMPS up out of the couch and runs over to congratulate me, and I almost cried again. We were all up and happy in celebration and both my sister in law and brother in law were  congratulating Mr. Truffles and me. It was emotional and it was super fun talking about my pregnancy, and having all the questions asked of how I felt, and ‘i can’t believe there’s a baby inside of you!!’

My sister-in-law then brings out Champaign glasses, and sparkling cider and we toast to us being pregnant! Then she runs around the house and tells us that she has been packing things and saving things to give us for when we were pregnant. It was totally fun, and I was totally surprised and happy by everyone’s reaction. Why was I so worried in the first place?

After the announcement, Mr. Truffles went out to meet some of his childhood friends and broke the news and the celebration continued. It was a fun weekend, and it made it seem all the more real! It really must be happening!

When we got back home after the weekend, the next day, my sister in law emailed me again reiterating how happy and excited she was for me. She wants us to be closer and thinks parenting, encouraging one another, sharing parenting tips, and going through this part of our lives together will help us to do so. I emailed her back and said I actually wanted to talk to her and apologize for being so distant during her pregnancy and the first few months of our nephews arrival. I admitted to her that it was a difficult time for me and that I struggled with envy and thought pregnancy would never happen to me. She understood and was gracious. I’m glad we at least talked about it in the way that we did, so that all the healing in our family could begin.

Overall, I’m excited and happy. We have since, been telling our friends and it’s been really fun to see how excited they are for. We are thankful for our friends and family and know that our little baby will be surrounded by loving, caring, wonderful people.

I’m 12 weeks today! Our baby is the size of a lime! This is my last week of my first trimester. I can’t believe it’s all going by so fast. I really need to make sure I’m enjoying every moment of this pregnancy.

Next week, I have 2 appointments set up. My second appointment with my OBGYN (Checking for down syndrome) and then Mr. Truffles and I are attending a meet and greet with a midwife. I was pretty sure I was going to go the obgyn route, but after a bit of research, a midwife is sounding pretty attractive with all the personal time and attention I read that they offer. I will update after I have my appointments and let you know what I think.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already “The Business of Being Born” is an interesting documentary to watch. It’s on netflix. But I think you can also find a free streaming version online too.

xo, Trufflelove


7 responses

  1. Congratulations on 12 weeks! I’m so happy for you that your big reveal went so well with your in-laws! Can’t wait to hear what’s next in your journey. 🙂

  2. So happy delivering the news went so well. I was scared to tell my sister about my pregnancy too, but she reacted just as enthusiastically as I’d hoped. Isn’t the way we imagine something happening always worse than the reality? And congrats on reaching 12 weeks. You’re almost one-third of the way through this pregnancy!

  3. Hi I really liked your post. I am so happy for you and I wish you and your child good health and happiness. I had my egg retrieval done yesterday. 6 eggs retrieved. My doc wanted only 6. He is keen on quality than quantity. We are going for ICSI due to sperm issues. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Hi Anna! Thanks so much for reading, and leaving a comment on my blog!! I wish you a successful cycle! I was worried my last cycle (that ended up being successful) because my numbers were so low, but it really is all about quality, not quantity, so i’m thinking your RE’s focus will be really good! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too!

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