Disappointed to Say the Least

I got 13 eggs from my egg retrieval yesterday. only 1 more than my last retrieval where I got 12. But that’s not the disappointing part. This is:

only 3 fertilized.




I will do a 3 day transfer


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    • dont know details, but the others were not genetically fit? ugh i’m so disappointed. I’ve never had genetic problems that I was aware of. so I dont really know what that means. and they didn’t go into detail. they are supposed to call me this afternoon. 😦

  1. I know it is very disappointing to hear that. However, don’t focus on the numbers. It will just cause you unnecessary stress. One thing my IVF nurses (whom I LOVE and TRUST more than anyone) kept saying was…it only takes one. Your embie(s) will be going back to where they belong sooner…in your body! It is very difficult to do (I know!). Keep one foot on the ground, but let the other up to the clouds 🙂 Good luck with your transfer!

    • Thanks so much. I agree, that focusing on the numbers will only cause unecessary stress. I don’t think stress or negativity will help any of the embies to stick either anyway so might as well look up. I need to be more optimistic!!

  2. Aw man. Like others have said, try not to worry about the numbers too much. On our cycle we only had 4 fertilize, and 2 of those were “normal”. We were told we’d need a 2-day transfer because we had so few. I thought we were doomed– but one stuck. I’ll be thinking of you. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  3. How disappointing! Even though it only takes one, it is heartbreaking when you don’t have other embies make it as a back-up (and for your peace of mind). I hope the ET goes well and I’ll have my fingers crossed for you.

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