Blood Draw #2 (+U/S)

Merry Day after Christmas! I had my blood draw #2  plus ultra sound this morning.  The nurse is supposed to call me today to let me know whether or not to keep up with my increased follistim dose or not so we will see what they say.

My lining was at 9.3 which is a lot thicker than my 3.1 lining I had measured on Monday.

Right Side: I have about 4 follicles that are larger than 10mm (around 11-12mm) , with 8 follicles that are less than 10mm.

Left Side: I have about 2 – 3 follicles that are right around 10mm, with about 10 that are less than 10mm.

The last few days, I have been able to feel some activity going on in my ovaries, especially in the middle of the night. It feels like the follicles are brewing with spouts of bubbling sensations. It’s quite thrilling 🙂

Side effects so far, I have been feeling really tired. I guess it makes sense since your body is working overtime creating 20x more than the usual egg. (not an easy feat!) And I have been feeling kind of emotional. Last night, I was randomly You-Tubing dogs reuniting with their owners after long periods of time and totally balled my eyes out before falling asleep.  I started to feel a little bloated too.

Last night I did my shots after Christmas dinner and my mom was there for moral support. It was so nice to have her there and seeing/understanding how hard the process is. Plus there’s no one like your mom when you’re going through a tough time right? But the shots in general have been OK. I do them alone which makes it suckier. I also messed up on one of my Menopur doses and had to throw a vial away. What a waste! And I got my follistim meds at all different sizes when I ordered them so that I didnt have to order more than I needed. ie) I have vials that are 300 iu, 600 iu, and 900 iu. But my dose is 325 iu/day so I usually have to prick myself 2x for a full 325 iu dose, which sucks, because it makes me feel like I have 4 shots to do a night.  Alright, Im done complaining.

Happy Hump Day!



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  1. Hi, you need to increase your protein intake now. It will help to reduce the bloatedness and built up your eggs. It also can prevent you from ohss because you seem to have lots of follicles.

    Take care!

    • Thank you! that is such helpful information. I read others who even started eating Whey Protein Shakes. I will defnitely concentrate on eating more protein!!!

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