Blood Draw #1

This morning I had my blood draw at the crack of dawn 7:30am *yawn.* Other than my vein moving around like a noodle (tech’s words, not mine) which required 2 pricks, it went pretty smoothly. Maybe I’m just a pro at being poked and prodded with needles now because I didn’t even wince  :S

This afternoon my nurse called and let me know that my estroidal level is looking good, so I will continue with my increased follistim dose. I will be back at my clinic on Wednesday morning for Blood Draw #2 and an U/S. I don’t feel any action going in my ovaries yet, but I’m thinking I will in the next few days or so.

My protocol: 325 IU Follistim, 75 IU Menopur, 5 IU Lupron.

Menopur sucks. Even though I ice my stomach.  And I don’t know if it’s because of my stims, but I do feel anxious. Like legs shaking like I drank 5 redbulls anxious. I was sitting in church this Sunday and couldn’t stop shaking my legs.  I feel like that today – and I drank a defcaff latte today, so it’s definitely not the caffeine.

Oh and during my previous cycle, I did my injections around 9pm, this time I decided to try it at around 7pm. It’s working out ok. I think it might be slightly better because with the 7pm injections, I’m not going to bed too soon after, so I get a little more blood circulation going on which makes me feel like more meds are circulating through my ovaries, which will result in more follicles. A stretch? Maybe 🙂

Wishing everyone a Warm and Joyful Christmas!!!! Merry Christmas!!

xo, Trufflelove


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