Supression Check, Check!

I had my supression check yesterday and I passed! My lining is at a 3.1 which they say is good, and I have no cysts. I am scheduled to start my stims on Saturday as planned. I’m excited to start and just want to get going with it already. The part I’m dreading, of course, is the two-week wait.

Can I just complain that the cytopreservation fee at my clinic is ridiculous? It’s $900 every single fresh IVF cycle. So after my supression check was done, I was surprised that the financial lady said “ok, it looks like you owe $900 today for cytopreservation.” And all I did was say “oh” and pulled out my credit card without even thinking about it.

I then came to my senses of course and called to find out what this cytopreservation fee really was. It’s the actual FREEZING of the embryo. Then I asked “what is the $40 fee that is deducted out of my account every month?.” (which I thought was the fee to freeze the embryos and keep them frozen) and that, apparently, is only for the STORAGE of the embryo.

Ugh, I knew IVF was expensive, but it is SO expensive!!   

I know it’s totally worth it to have a baby, and I’d definitely rather spend the money then to have to receive a refund at the end of it all…… but if you can’t rant on your blog, where can you? right?  😉

Almost Friday!



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  1. The cryopreservation fee at my clinic is $1276, and the insurance negotiated rate is just under $800. And then there’s the storage fee, which is $450 (pay up front, even if the embryos are thawed before a year). If I get to a second cycle, I’m wondering if I’ll need to pay the storage fee all over again. You’re right…so expensive! Sigh. Good luck!

    • oops you’re right, it’s cryopreservation not cytopreservation. You’re very lucky insurance covers at least a portion of it. Mine doesnt at all!

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