Lupron this time around

I’ve said this before in my previous cycle, but I think Lupron kinda makes me feel skinny. I wake up every morning and am pleased at the site of a flat(ter) stomach than normal. Nothing drastic, we’re talking very slight differences, but hey, every bit counts. It’s not that I’m eating less or am eating healthier in particular. In fact, I ate a cup o’ noodle (bad) from rite aid for dinner last night because I am currently battling a very bad cold right now and didn’t even have the energy to order takeout and wait at the restaurant until my food was ready. I hadn’t had cup o’ noodles in years but it came to mind because it was easy, warm, and contained broth which I needed. But, I’ve had my fix and hopefully wont be eating it any time soon (can we say sodiu & msg? bad)

So it’s great that I’m feeling kinda slim since I know that once stimming starts, I will feel bloated and retain lots of water. The bad side right now is that I’m having trouble sleeping (it could be the lupron, or it could be my cold) and I see lots of pimples on my face! Ew. I usually don’t have acne problems so right now when I look at myself in the mirror, I feel icky and feel the need to pick at the blemishes. Someone smack my hand!!

I’m glad to be off my birth control though. I stopped taking them after Saturday. It’s nice not to have to remember to do 2 things versus 1.  happy tuesday!

xo, trufflelove



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