Real Housewives of Infertility

What do you think of my new look? I figured, new IVF cycle, new blog look. it’s a lot brighter than my last, no?

So I’m a reality TV junkie. Specifically, a Real Housewives of Anywhere fan. Did anyone catch yesterday’s episode of Real Housewives of Miami? Lisa one of the characters who is the wife of a plastic surgeon seemingly has it all. The big house, the jewels, the leisurely lifestyle, but is missing one thing. A Baby. Her storyline has been her wanting to have a baby, or to be more specific, to keep a baby. She can get pregnant, but has had multiple miscarriages and is seeing a doctor in hopes to start a family with her husband.  There was a particular scene yesterday where Lisa is talking with another housewife (Lea) and talks about how she is seeing a doctor and hopes to be able to start a family soon. She then bursts into uncontrollable tears confessing her fear of “what if I never have a baby” and I just thought that moment was so real. I have felt that way so many times and still have momentary lapses where I think, what if, and get hit with emotional feelings that I cannot predict are coming.

I noticed a lot more tv shows expose fertility issues, even on the Real Housewives franchise: Jaqueline in the Real Housewives of New Jersey who struggled with the same issue as Lisa from Miami of multiple miscarriages; and Heather from the Real Housewives of the OC confessed that she had her children through IVF, Alexis also from the OC admitted to having at least one child through IUI. Then there’s Bill and Giuliana who went the surrogate route, Khloe Kardashian who is having trouble conceiving on their reality show, etc.  I always get intrigued when I see reality shows that have a storyline around infertility. These women are brave to share their journey on TV and even take us along their trips to the fertility clinic, and I appreciate being able to watch how they deal with the struggle. I’m glad that the fertility world is getting more exposure.  Women are working, living in cities, exposed to environmentally hazardous things all the time, are overworked and over stressed. I think in this day and age, fertility struggles are more common than we think in modern society.

On a side note, I’m so horrified of the events that happened in Connecticut today. My prayers are with the children, victims, and the family members of this tragedy 😦




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  1. I love me some real housewives of anywhere too. I must say though when watching all reality shows i can help but feel like because they are rich they get all the stops pulled out and are able to jump straight to the “strong” stuff because money isn’t an issue. I wish they could be a little more realistic for the average person seeking treatment. Even Lisa just admitted that she tried surrogacy and it failed, for me surrogacy will never be an option because i could never afford it. Today in the shower i was even thing about Giulianna and Bill how they went to the expert in Colorado and thinking wow if only i could afford to go there maybe he would magically get me pregnant with all his fancy expertise.

    • i thought exactly the same thing with Giulianna and Bill. I also noticed Lisa talk about surrogacy. You’re totally right in that they have alot more resources and can definitely go straight to the ‘strong’ stuff. For me, I think infertility should be something that insurance covers, but that is a whole other blog post :\

  2. Man we totally need a real housewives of infertility -and maybe a parenting after infertility show too. I’d be interested to see how those after infertility do it differently.

    And on the other hand, all I can think about since I heard about the shooting is “who shoots 5 year olds?” Seriously.

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