Long Overdue Update on IVF #2

Two weeks ago today, I had my AMH Blood Draw and a follow up meeting with my RE to talk about my new plan for this second fresh cycle. My RE was as cool and confident as usual, which always kind of puts me at ease.  For this meeting, we had a few questions for Dr. RE. I asked him about immunology issues and he immediately said “you have been google-ing haven’t you” which made me feel like I did something wrong…. kind of like you’re getting in trouble at school. But, he basically said he doesn’t believe that I have any related issues to that. Now that I think of it, that was the only answer he gave me, but I chose to believe him.  

My RE just believes that my luck just hasn’t been good the past two tries (first IVF and first medicated FET). But he believes that my luck will be better once I am able to create more good quality eggs this time around.  In order to do so, I am upping my dose of meds.

 Stim Meds I took for IVF #1:

  • Menopur 75 IU + Follistim 225 IU which lead to
  • 12 follicles
  • 9 fertilized embryos
  • transfered 2 fair/good quality
  • Had 1 fair embryo to freeze

For IVF #2 I will be upping my stimming meds to:

  • Menopur 75 IU + Follistim 325 IU

Hopefully this will create more follicles that are good quality. My RE told me he wanted to start me at a higher dose of stims to ‘jump-start’ more follicle growth. Then with my blood monitoring, see if I need to taper down my meds towards the end.

We also asked a question regarding stress which I found interesting.

All this time, I believed that it was important to remain stress-free during the IVF cycle, especially during the 2 week wait. Well, as many of you know, trying to stay ‘stress-free’ can sometimes be stressful!! (ha!) But we asked what effect that has on implantation specifically and to my surprise my RE said that stress doesn’t really play too big of a role in implantation.

He explained that stress effects the menstrual cycle in its natural state because reproductive hormones can be altered by stress. If you are stressed during a natural menstrual cycle, sometimes your ovulation is delayed, or you don’t ovulate at all which can affect timing, and the quality of the embryo. But when you are doing IVF, everything from growing the follicles, ovulation, fertilization, is all controlled medically.  So when I asked if stress can effect implantation, he said it really doesn’t affect it because your uterus is not connected or altered by your stress level in any way.

I’m not sure if I completely believe that part about stress and implantation, and just to be on the safe side will probably do all I can to remain stress-free; but it does help to know that you can’t really eff up your embryos in that big of a way if you get a little stressed here and there about, you know, life. 

So I have been taking my BCP since the 24th of November and will take my last one this coming Saturday. I started my lupron shots on Tuesday and start my stims on the 22nd. Did I tell you I’m a pro at traveling with my Lupron meds now? Ice pack and all! I had to travel for work (which I rarely do) and took my lupron + needles with me! It was easy breezy. If you remember, I had to travel with my lupron my last go around and it was more of a big deal because I didn’t know what to expect passing through security with a bunch of needles and a freeze pack to keep my lupron cold. But it was a cinch!

My suppression check is next Wednesday, and my egg retrieval is tentatively scheduled for January 2nd.




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