IIIIII’m Comin’ Up

so you better get this party started….

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Now it’s totally back to the daily grind. A WHOLE work week, ew. 😛

I’m ready to get IVF 2 started already. Bring on the shots! I am currently on Day 6 of my cycle and started my BCP on the Saturday night after Thanksgiving.  My nurse had emailed me that Wednesday before letting me know that the only thing I need to do is schedule my follow-up with my RE (which I already did weeks ago because he just books up THAT fast) and schedule an AMH (Antimullerian Hormone) test which tells us how my egg reserves are (I think). So I have both the followup and the AMH blood draw scheduled for this Thursday.  My nurse will then give me my new calendar which will make me feel alot more ‘in control’ of the cycle because I will be able to ‘see’ what is supposed to happen every single day of my cycle.

Thank you all for the great advice regarding immune systems and Vitamin D. I’m definitely going to be looking into both of these things and see what I can do to make this cycle better. For this cycle, I’m also going to try to limit my sugar intake and while I cannot promise to completely change my diet into a gluten-free one, I am going to try my best to reduce as much of my wheat/gluten and sugar intake as I can.

As of now, until I start my stims, I am going to try to work out as much as possible. I think I gained some LB’s this last FET cycle, not necessarily because of the hormones, but because I’ve been eating whatever I have been craving!! I need to get back on track!

I’m also thinking about downloading this book IVF Success Program (a downloadable book)  recommended by fellow blogger (who is preggers now!!)

This cycle HAS to work. it just HAS to…


xo, Trufflelove


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  1. I’m sooo excited for this cycle. Can’t wait to receive each update and will be praying for you! There are sooo many great suggestions in the IVF success book. Almost too many, backed by great research, so I just chose a few that I felt were mangeable! Hugs!!!

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