Pea in the Sandwich 4dp5dt

It’s been four days since ‘the pea was put in the sandwich.’ Have you all heard that analogy? It’s referring to the embryo in the uterus and illustrates that it’s tightly in there, and won’t ‘fall’ out like we are all afraid it will. No matter how much you shake a peanut butter sandwich with a pea in it, it won’t come out, isn’t that a wonderful analogy?

Sorry for my lack of posts. I have been feeling really lazy :S  But today is my fourth day past 5 day embryo transfer.

My transfer went pretty smoothly. I was thinking of taking all of Thursday (my transfer day) off but decided to go into work for half a day since my transfer was scheduled for 2pm. Mr. Truffles picked me up and we had lunch before going into get our transfer. When I got there, I had timed my water drinking right, and had to pee like a mother by the time my transfer. Having a full bladder is definitely the worst part about it all.

When I got to clinic we were seen to our room and had a nice warm table to get comfortable in. Our embryologist came and let us know that our one embryo was ready and thawed. It was not all the way fully thawed, but it was on it’s way. So at the moment of the transfer was a BB+. I’m not quite sure what a BB+ exactly means, but I was just happy that I was about to have a ‘chance’ at hopefully being preggers again. Mr. Truffles read me a few bible passages from his phone which calmed me and made me feel at peace with the whole procedure which was really nice. And that was that! Transfer was easy.The RE I had was a nice woman Dr. whom I have never worked with, but was super nice and super confident which was really good and put me at ease.
When we finally got home I went to bed to watch some DVD’s on Netflix. I slept on and off throughout the day and then Mr. Truffles ordered some dinner. We ate, and I went in and out of sleep the rest of the night.


  • Since transfer day, I felt mild cramping on and off and still do. But this doesn’t necessarily make me feel hopeful because I have felt this way previously on my failed IVF cycle.  But I guess if the cramping were to stop all together, I would be upset so I’m hoping the cramping feeling sticks around for a while.
  • Boobs don’t hurt. They feel full every now and then but I don’t have any pain spasms or pain under my arms like I’ve read some ladies felt leading up to their BFP. Hmmm.
  • Today However, was my first day of feeling shooting pain down in my groin area. Right around the area where your legs meet your hips. Hopefully that’s a good sign. I’m trying to keep cool but as Saturday approaches, I can foresee myself going coo coo over these symptoms.

According to this chart i posted a while back, my emby should still be implanting right now. I’m on the lookout for some implantation bleeding and get disappointed that I don’t see any 😦 I know not everyone gets it, but I’d just make me feel a lot better to see a ‘sign’ that I’m still officially in the game.

I have been off from work since Thursday afternoon. It’s been nice bumming around the house and just relaxing. Tomorrow will be my first day back. Hopefully nothing stressful happens at work and that it will help me keep my mind off symptoms if anything.
Will update again soon!! Thanks for listening!





6 responses

  1. BAHAHA! I’ve not heard that analogy but that’s hilarious. I’m totally envisioning an egg in a peanut butter sandwich now.
    FWIW – I didn’t have a speck of implantation bleeding.
    Fingers crossed!!!

  2. I’ve never heard the “pea in the sandwich” thing before but it makes total sense. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    My guess is that a “BB+” embryo is a level B blastocyst. I transferred what was equivalent to a level B and a level C and they both took! Good luck; I’ll be thinking of you!

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