I’m Back! and started Lupron!

Hello my blog friends! I’m back, rested, rejuvenated, and sick with a cold 😦 This always happens to me. I think that when I am on vacation, I really REALLY relax and so does my immune system… because after almost every vacation, I get sick!!! Oh well, I had a great time in the Carribean so I can’t really complain ovre a little cold can I?

Here’s a little glimpse of my vacation. Isn’t it just beautiful?


So now that I am back, I have a lot to catch up in the blog world!!

But to give you an update on me, I am feeling a lot better and more ready to do this transfer now! I came back Sunday evening and started my 10 units of Lupron. The injection isn’t bad at all, but the anticipation of it still always gets to me in the beginning. I think back and wonder how the heck did I do 3 shots a day while doing blood draws every other? I hate needles!!

Once I get over this cold, I plan on trying to eat better. It’s hard to do right now because all I crave is comforting foods. I had soup and a sandwich the other day and some broth last night for dinner, so I’m not eating TERRIBLY, but I want to start eating whole, organic foods again.

On a side note,  while on Lupron, have people felt like they LOST weight? I read everywhere that people gain weight but maybe it’s because I’m sick but whenever I wake up  in the morning, I feel a tad skinnier, and i like it!  Once I start feeling bit better, I want to hit the gym again before I do my transfer. I have a friend who is totally into working out, eating organic, and eating ‘colorful’ foods and I am totally inspired to try to do so myself. It will be a little different though because she does not work and is a stay at home (with no kids) and I am working full-time… so I obviously have less time than she does to focus on health as much as she does but I am gonna try!!!

It’s good to be back!



6 responses

  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a lovely vacation but sorry to hear about getting sick. Yuck! I’m desperate for a beautiful vacation like that (minus the cold).

    I did not lose weight while on Lupron – I gained, but it wasn’t a whole lot. Just enough to make my jeans feel tighter on my thighs (always my problem area). But I guess now I’m just going to have to deal with the weight gain for the next 8+ months since I just got news of my BFP! (Thought I’d update you since you’ve been away from the blogoverse.)

    • AHHHH! omg, Congrats Sams!!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 I was just about to go and check to see how things were going 🙂 You should totally go on a vacay and go on a babymoon. When I was vacationing, I saw a couple who was preggo and they were having a great time…. i’m gonna go read your blog NOW.

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