Tried to Skip the FET

But couldnt.

From my last failed fresh cycle, I ended up with 1 embryo to freeze that was of fair quality. Well, when I had my meeting with my RE to review my cycle this week, we found that my 1 fair quality embryo became a good quality embryo (which is the highest rating) by the 6th day.  But still, we only have 1 to transfer. So my RE came up with a plan:

  • Skip my FET and save my frozen embryo
  • Go on to the fresh cycle and if that doesn’t work, hopefully I’ll have made more embryos to freeze
  • Then if I need to do another FET, I can use more frozen embryo from last time in addition to the more that I will have hopefully made so I can transfer 2.  

I thought this was a pretty good idea. I felt good about the plan. My refund program that I am in requires me to do the following:

  • 1 Fresh cycle, 1 frozen cycle, 1 fresh cycle, 1 frozen cycle.

The clinic told me that before I go on with the plan that my RE thought of, which was to forfeit one FET, I should check with my refund program to make sure it doesn’t affect my refund in any way. Well, I did and apparently forfeiting 1 FET cycle will make me ineligible to receive my refund if I don’t end up getting pregnant because I have not exhausted all of my available options. Since I have 1 embryo to freeze, I should transfer it.

Now I have to do my FET with my one frozen embryo, before going onto my fresh IVF.   I guess I’m ok with it, but I had built up some excitement about starting a new fresh cycle already, which resulted in a minor let down. On the brighter side, my 1 frozen embryo became a good quality embryo when it froze.  I was also glad to hear from my RE that the thawing rate is 90% at my clinic, so he’s pretty sure it will be thawed when comes time  I have to transfer.

I will probably do a medicated FET because this past natural FET was a fail. I had not grown any follicles and my RE seems to think it might be due to stress. Which it probably was. So now I’m just waiting for my day 1 to come so I can figure out what my plan is.

It’s probably better that I’m doing the medicated cycle this next time since I will be going on a much-needed vacay in a few weeks. I can probably manipulate my cycle a bit so that I can adjust it to when I get back.



10 responses

  1. Sorry to hear you faced another let down, even if it was more minor than what you’ve experienced in the past. But I have a lot of hope for you that this one little frozen embryo will be the one and that you won’t have to move onto another fresh cycle! Lots of prayers for you!

  2. Are you doing the Attain program? We are and I’m glad you wrote about the sequence affecting refund (hopefully none of us will need to get a refund though). We didn’t have anything to freeze with IVF #1, so we are doing a fresh cycle again.

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