In a funk.

I’m in a funk.And I’m trying my damnest to get myself out of it!

I had wine – I enjoyed it. But my tolerance sucks! I can barely finish a glass!

I also took a bath – I needed it. I only wish our bathtub wasn’t so tiny but oh well.

I went to a massage yesterday, and I think it was the best one I had in my life! (I’ve been going regularly for almost 2 years so that’s saying a lot). I am a bit sore from my massage, but it’s definitely a good sore.  And it really helped loosen those stress knots I have been carrying for the last while. Only downfall is, is that I can already feel the stress starting to pile up on my shoulders (and right arm) again, but I can only go to the massage therapist once a week. 

I have also been eating a lot of not so healthy foods lately, so I went to the grocery store yesterday and tried to stock up on good healthy eats. And today I’m drinking a decaff coffee as a Tuesday morning treat. 

I was supposed to have started my doxy -but I keep forgetting. I came into work and thought DAMN i forgot my antibiotics again. Ugh. I don’t think this will be a big issue, but I will check with the nurse today when I go in for my ultra sound. I need to just put the pill bottle in my purse today after work so I can take it at work.

In the last 3 weeks or so my baby related events I am included in are:

  1. 2 baby birthdays
  2. 1 baby shower
  3. 1 baby birth welcoming
  4. 1 meet my new baby

Whew I’m tired just thinking about it.  Will it ever be my turn?

My OPK sticks have been so annoying! I ordered a box from Costco – $37 bucks! and they are broken. I get a question mark on it every time I pee. I might have taken it back to get a refund any other week, but I’m feeling lazy and tired. I have some cheapie opk sticks but they are coming up blank too. I think my body is just not its normal self yet so I will probably have to take the dreaded HCG shot again.

Anyway, I’m done ranting. I will be more positive in my next post, I will! I have my ultra sound this afternoon so hopefully I will hear some good news, and feel more upbeat. Thanks for listening!




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  1. Hmm I had to return some opks to Costco before too. It gave me error messages. It is so freaking hard to see new baby posts on fb. I am thinking to just stop going on there. I usually check fb in the morning, but lately if I see any news or baby photos I would “like” but be in a bad mood all day! It is so hard to go to baby birthdays too! Ugh I totally understand how you feel 😦 even with the running I have gained a few pounds these past couple of weeks. When I feel sad about infertility, I have been grabbing a cookie. :-/

  2. For taking care of your broken OPKs on a lazy day, maybe try contacting the manufacturer via their website? They may send you a voucher for new ones or they may skip the voucher and send you a new box of testers.

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