FET #1

Welcome ICLWers. Please see ‘a little about me’ to see my ttc story.

Since my last failed IVF, we have been in a state of limbo. When I say limbo, I mean, we weren’t sure what or when we’re going to do next.  Mr. Truffles and I have had some issues that stemmed from one of my previous posts about him not being there for my beta, and not understanding why I would be upset. Well, that fight turned into a bigger one and now Mr. Truffles is not sure he wants to go on with the FET.

Well that’s just great. The reason why we are going through all of these stupid treatments is because we cannot get pregnant, and now we want to put that on hold? I understand that we are not ‘all good’ right now, but we will be, and time is of the essence when tccing. Waiting will only induce more stress and elongate our tcc pain. If I were 25, I would agree to wait with him until we felt better.  But anyway, to make a long story short, I convinced him that we should continue on with the FET, and I’m thankful that he agreed because:

  1. we only have 1 embryo – when we transferred our best 2 embryos during the fresh cycle, it obviously lead to a bfn
  2. there’s only a 50% change that it will even thaw. if it doesn’t thaw, i guess this cycle will just be a bust.
  3. we are not permitted to go onto our next round of IVF until FET #1 is performed. So that will mean I cannot do IVF until November. I’m not sure I want to wait that long. but if i did, i want to wait for other reasons than there being  no other option. Basically, I do not have a lot of hope in this cycle, but want to do it for the sake of ‘process’ to progress.

Anyway, so we are going to be doing our natural FET #1. My pharmacy called today and I ordered my HCG, prometrium, and doxy (but I didn’t order the doxy because I have some left). Why is it still $119.49? Our bank account has been taking some major hits through this IF. thieves.

I will be doing the natural cycle which there really isn’t that much to. I basically take an antibiotic (doxy) for a few days to rid my body of any potential infections, take my opk tests, and call if I get an LH surge. I will be going on a few ultra sound visits to check my follicle size. If it is big enough, I will proceed with an HCG injection instead of waiting for a natural LH surge and go from there with the transfer, and then take the prometrium from there on until beta. I’m already on day 7 of my cycle, so I will be doing my OPK’s this weekend and start doxy next week. My estimated transfer date is on Sept 3rd and my estimated beta is on Sept 11.

I just want the weeks to go by fast. That is all. Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. I’m glad you and your hubby were able to come to an agreement for moving onto your next cycle. I hope things continue to improve and your fight about beta day remains further and further in the past (but still having learned something from it). Good luck with your natural FET cycle! Thinking of you. : )

  2. So happy that you both agreed to move onto this. I don’t know much about FETs or natural cycles, but it sounds like it will be pretty quick, and normal (ish) for IVF. I hope this one works! Best of luck my friend!

  3. IF takes its toll on our guys too, and sometimes they don’t know how to handle it, except to run from it, so even the littlest excuse will do. Glad to hear that you are both on the same page for moving forward.

    Praying that your little embie thaws and is in great shape for transfer!


  4. Hi Truffles! Glad to hear that Mr. Truffles is game for moving forward with the FET! That’s so cool that you can do a natural cycle! That means you will be releasing another egg right? BTW- I heard it is good to bed the night before transfer! So that gives you guys more chances!!!

    • Thanks Faith. I was excited about the possibility that it might happen naturally too, but when I mentioned it to my nurse, she didn’t sound too optimisitc about it. weird huh?

  5. Here from ICLW. I’m so sorry your first IVF ended the way it did. It sucks beyond compare. As hard as this is, try to focus on the fact that you are doing everything possible to make this happen and that’s something you should be proud of. Fingers are crossed for you with this next round. May there be nothing but good news and joy.

    • a failed IVF does suck major. i know that I should be more optimistic. i have my moments, but its definitely a work in progress for me. thanks for the comment!

  6. Hi from ICLW. All this stuff if hard… I am sorry that you and DH got into an argument, but glad that you were able to come to an agreement. I will be watching through your FET! I have myFX for you!

    • THanks Anna! All this stuff IS hard. we just all gotta get through it. Hopefully it’ll all be over with and we will be too busy with a cute baby to remember all that we went through~

  7. Visiting for ICLW. Glad that you were able to get your hubs to agree to move forward. I know just standing still can be so hard. I’m so sorry for how difficult and unfair this process has to be

    Also, I have an unrelated question… I read in your “a little about me” section that you had problems with a short luteal phase. What B vitamins exactly did you take to help fix that? I’m wondering if I may also have a problem and want to get it taken care of!

    Thanks and wishing you the very, very best for your FET!!!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for your comment! I felt like I had a short luteal phase because it ranged from 9 to 11 days… I read that anything around 10 to 12 days was good so I wanted to research how I could make it better… I found that for many, taking vitamin B12 helped so I started with that, and then upon further research read that a vitamin B complex that contained B12 was even better! I specifically took Nature Made Vitamin B complex 100 and it helped increase my luteal phase to 12 days. I also confirmed wth my RE that this was ok to take. I hope it works for you too!!

  8. Waiting is so hard, I am in a waiting state right now after a d and c. So hard. I wish you the best this cycle and hope you win he lotto to fill your bank account back up…and share some with me, too!

    • I’m sorry to hear of your d&C 😦 here’s to that day finally coming where we don’t have to wait any longer 🙂 good luck on your next cycle and thanks for your comment!!

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