Alright, I’m feeling a bit negative about this cycle. Mr. Truffles and I went away this weekend and had a wonderful time relaxing and spending good quality time together. Although I was really relaxed, I always had every cramp/symptom in the back of my head wondering if I was preggo. There were many moments where I really thought I might be pregnant, but there were also moments where I doubted it as well.

Today, I came home and tested at around 4:30pm. BFN. It was not my morning urine, so I know… it’s not the final verdict, but I’m just not feeling too hot about it this cycle.

-Boobs no longer hurt anymore
-I can ‘feel’ my uterus. Like I can feel where it’s sitting. I’ve never had this feeling before but this could be my head playing tricks on me.
-That’s it.

I also realized this trip that a family member who went through IVF to get pregnant mentioned she had spotting before her BFP. Also my friend who conceived naturally had spotting when she knew she was pregnant and I have none. I know every woman does not get implantation bleeding but still..

Wednesday (my beta) cannot come soon enough. I either want to get this party started in celebrating expanding our family, or give myself a good wallow before getting back my game face on for a FET. Hope you all had a good wknd!



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  1. I did have “spotting” but that was due to progesterone so I ignored it. The RE already warned us of that. I hope you get your BFP this week!!!

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