3dp5dt – Emo Bus

It’s day 3 after my 5 day transfer, and I’m on the emo bus. Well, I think it’s as good as it can be considering the capacity in which I can really get emo sometimes, but still… I am. In the last three days I’ve gone from feeling so beyond thankful to my husband for taking care of me, and then dong the ugly cry about feeling fat, and ugly and pimply… all probably within the same hour. 

Symptoms-wise I can’t tell what I’m feeling because the monstrous progesterone pills I vaginally insert (gross – but still thankful it’s not the PIO shots). But if I can sum it up into words I feel:

  • tired – i cannot stay awake past 10:30 even if i try.
  • have hot flashes – most especially shortly after a dose of progesterone
  • cramps – this one is tricky cause even when i feel cramps, i’m thinking ‘is this a cramp?’
  • gas – yesterday was the most gaseous I’ve been in a while
  • moody – emo bus
  • hungry – i had a starbucks oatmeal today at 8am. then at 10am, i had to have my emergency oatmeal i keep at my desk cause i was starving

I don’t feel like I’m feeling much, despite my little list here. Is it normal not to feel anything and still get a BFP? I have my beta on the 15th, but don’t know if I can hold off testing before hand. If egg retrieval was considered ovulation day, I would be on Day 9 right now. Still early I suppose. Mr. Truffle and I are going to go away for the weekend (somewhere driveable) to try to distract and relax. I really hope I’m pregnant. I don’t know how I will deal with it if I’m not 😦 I’m already scared. this wait sucks.





6 responses

  1. Sorry you are having such a rough day. I felt the same way when I was on the progesterone…the symptoms that I was experiencing were driving me nuts because I was convinced it was only the meds. Fingers are crossed for you 🙂

    • thanks! and you’re totally right, the worst part of it is, is that I can’t decipher my symptoms from the progesterone!! arg.

  2. I really really hope those embryos are implanting, and are the reason you’re feeling totally emo! Fingers crossed!

    Is the vaginal progesterone icky? I’ve heard horror stories. But nothing could be as bad as that PIO needle, so I guess we’ll have to deal! 🙂

  3. Oh, I am so hoping and praying for you! I didn’t have any symptoms leading up to my bfp on 6dp5dt, so I think it could be normal. Plus, our clinic told us that most symptoms you would feel at this point would be related the the progesterone as the hcg levels are not high enough to be the source of symptoms yet. Anyway, sending you hugs! You think you will test early?

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