1 Day Post Egg Retrieval

Got the call today from my nurse (not embryologist like I had hoped). She told me out of the 9 eggs, 7 fertilized. She couldn’t tell me the quality of the embryos saying it was too early to tell so I was a little disappointed.

She’ll call me again tomorrow to let me know how many of the seven survived the night. I guess as of today, this makes Mr. truffle and I mommy and daddy truffle to 7 embies. Stay strong little ones!

These next few days of waiting are going to be tough.



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  1. YEAH!!!! 7 fertilized! That is awesome! I’ll be praying for your little embies. How are you feeling about everything? These next few days are some of THE hardest!!! So much WAITING!!!! AHHH! How will you distract yourself? Thinking of you and sending you huge HUGS!

    • Thank you so much Danielle! Waiting does suck big time. It was so hard waiting for the call even today! Thank you so much for your prayers! I’ll be praying for a continual healthy pregnancy for you too! xoxo

    • Thank you so much! I read your post about being nervous and anxious about your pregnancy. I hope that subsides soon and that you enjoy your pregnancy sooner rather than later 🙂

    • Faith!! 😀 I did natural fertilization… The RE didn’t think we needed ICSI, and when I asked him why, he said because Mr. Truffles sperm was just fine… thank you for your encouragement!

      • That’s awesome! 🙂 we had to do ICSI. Our RE does it 97% of the time unless someone specifically requests no due to their beliefs.

  2. That’s cool too. It’s crazy how different all these clinics and RE’s are huh? My RE also mentioned to me that for us, natural fertilization will allow us that last bit of maturation of egg. who knows though!! hope your 2ww is going well faith!

  3. They told me on the phone they did insemination (I guess natural, not ICSI) on three immature eggs and two fertilized. So at least I know hubby’s guys can penetrate my eggs! 🙂 thanks truffle! Work has been a good distraction.

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