Trigger Tonight!

My oh my. I thought I was prepared for this, but Yipe – I’m nervous!!!!!

I got the call from my nurse, I trigger tonight! Here is what I just found out from my phone call:

Trigger Tonight – 11:30 PM, 10,000 IU of Novarel

Tuesday Morning – take pregnancy test to make sure HCG is in my system.

Tuesday Night – no liquids, food, gum, anything after Midnight.

Wednesday – be at Clinic at 11:00am with Mr. Truffle – bring photo ID.  I will get my IV started then Mr. Truffle will leave for his collection, and I will go into surgery.

Thursday – Nurse advised me that I should take Thursday off.

My follicle count this morning was 9 measured greater than 10mm. 5 were 15mm or greater. I was hoping for better numbers. Praying that my follies will continue to grow in the next few days, and that their quality will far outweight their quantity. The Nurse will tell me exactly how many eggs they retrieved on Wednesday soon after the surgery, and call me to tell me how many fertilised on Thursday.  They’ll also call me every day after to keep me posted on how my embryos are doing and to let me know if I will be doing a 3 day transfer or a 5 day transfer.

I’m feeling excited, anxious, nervous, jittery! I can’t believe it’s time! I’ll keep you guys updated!



5 responses

  1. Sooo excited for you!!! Yeah! What a great feeling to get the trigger go ahead! I was so glad to get to that day. You’ll be growing those embies in no time!

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