Day 9 Stims and Olympic Fever!

Today is Day 9 and I just finished taking my injections of Follistim 225, Menopur 75, and Lupron 5. I’m getting the hang of it, but I still bleed after the Menopur and Follistim! And I definitely couldn’t do the Menopur without icing too – a big thanks to my blog friends for this tip!

I forgot to update yesterday that the nurse called to tell me that my stim dose was good and that I should keep going. I will trigger around Monday or Tuesday for a Wednesday or Thursday retrieval! Woah! It’s coming up fast!

I currently have 10 follicles over 10mm.  Is this considered good? I was a little bummed to hear this number. I was imaging that they would say 25 follicles, but I know that might be over achieving and that I should be thankful. I also know the whole quality over quantity thing… and I’m a firm believer, but I guess I was just hoping for MORE quality eggs. I have a few more days, so hopefully more will mature before retrieval.

Oh and I also took 2 naps today. TWO! I feel wide awake right now, which is not all that great considering I have another blood draw tomorrow morning at 7:30am. That and the fact that I have to go through somewhat of an ordeal to make sure I only get pricked only ONCE. Today is Sunday and while normally Mr Truffles and I wake up to go to church, we decided to go to the evening service instead. We stayed home, had a major lazy day,  and watched the London Olympics all day long. I LOVE the Olympics, and I always have been one of those girls that would watch as many events as I could. I just love the game, the competition, sportsmanship, the back stories of the athletes, and am seriously amazed at how people can have such discipline to train and practice and work for the very moments that they are in! Side Note: Does anyone else feel annoyed that NBC doesn’t play the events live? This irks me. It’s a world event, and I’m pretty sure every other country gets LIVE coverage of the games, why doesn’t the US! What’s with saving all of it until prime time. Don’t they know that it is hard to avoid going online to see who won the gold medal in the games, and that it ruins watching it 5 hours later? I was irked by this 2 years ago during the Vancouver Winter Olympics happened too and hoped that they would have changed this by now. 

Anyway, I suppose it’s good that I got so much rest, especially with all the fatigue I’ve been feeling with these stims, it was nice to have a lazy day of bumming around at home.

Hope you all had a great weekend too! and thank you again for all your wonderful comments!! I really appreciate the great tips!



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  1. Wow how exciting that it is almost trigger time!!! Towards the end they increased the dose of menopur for me to mature the other follicles. Also, many woman have more mature eggs retrieved then expected because the follicles overlap each other! I am so excited for you!!!

    I have been addicted to the Olympics too! Great time for it to be on during this wait and resting period! 🙂

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