Day 8 of Stimming, Blood Draw/Ultra Sound, & Side Effects!

Today is Day 8 and I just got back from my Day 8 Blood draw and ultra sound.

I started my day early (I also ended my night very early last night – I was just so tired!) and woke up and took a hot shower to get my blood veins awake and ready. If you read my last post you will know I had a miserable time getting my last blood draw, so this morning I was determined to have nice plump veins! I had toast, I had juice, and I went on my way. When I got to the clinic, I told the technician – “can you please check each arm for the best vein? I had the worst time getting my blood drawn last Wednesday” I think this was a smart move on my part because I could instantly sense a bit of competition from this new gal. She replied “I will only poke you once, I promise – Who did your last blood draw? it shouldn’t have taken 6 times” She felt around my arms for a long time fingering the veins over and over. This made me feel a little at ease, and a little nervous. Are my veins hard to find? Then, just as she promised, she poked me once and got a whole vial full of blood in a blinks notice! So easy.

On to my ultrasound. I will have to ask when I get my call from my nurse today, but I am pretty satisfied with my follicles right now. I’m not exactly sure at how many I have, but they range in the size of 10-14! That’s good right? Also my lining is at 11.1 which I think is good.

Now let’s talk about side effects. I’m starting to really feel them. Beware of a bit of TMI:

Constipation: Fiber Wanted. This body needs a good cleaning but the stims just don’t allow things to flow smoothly!  I’ve been eating salads, bran, flaxseed, you name it. I even took a little bit of Metamucil 😦  I talked to the on-staff nurse today and she shared with me that she had her babies via IVF, so she totally understood. She told me to try Colace, so I picked some up on my way home. The thing to keep in mind is to stay away from laxatives that stimulate your intestines. Stool Softners – such as Colace, and Fiber – such as Metamucil will help things move along. She advised me that constipation should be taken care of as soon as you notice it because it only gets worse around the time of egg retrieval, and that it’s best to take care of it especially before transfer. I am going to try low doses of the Metamucil and Colace – hopefully this will give me some relief!

Gas: Not cute. Probably as a result of Constipation 😦

Fatigue: I can’t get enough sleep!These meds have been making me tired. I sleep at around 10pm  (or earlier) every night and get a good 8 hours of sleep or so before waking up to work.  while normally, I would feel refreshed and ready to go, I feel really tired and struggle to get out of bed. I also wake up feeling like I had ‘hard’ sleep. Normally, I’m busy doing house chores and trying to get a work out in after work but  ever since stimming, I’ve taken it real easy. Yesterday I even took an hour nap!  I also have a canker sore that’s really annoying. This is a sign that I am tired. But I’m glad to know that the body is working hard in creating those eggs!

Bloating: I’m sure this has to do with constipation again, but I feel swollen in the stomach, face, and hands! But I feel it especially in my stomach and feel like it progressively bloat the later it gets in the day.  If I wanted to know what I possibly might look like my first trimester of being pregnant, I’d probably look like how I do every night these days. Again, not cute. But I know it’s only bloating because my stomach feels skinny again in the morning :S

Eating/Drinking Been doing my best to limit the carbohydrate intake, but we all know how that can go. I did good for a few days, and then yesterday I totally fell off the band wagon with a heavy burger and steak fries for lunch, and then a gyro for dinner. I need to get back on track. But I do think that limiting the carb intake has helped a little with the bloating (i think).

I’ve been pretty good with the drinking water/juice and keeping my self hydrated. I’m good while I’m at work because any chance at a water break is a welcomed reprieve from the mundanen-ess of desk job.  At home Mr. Truffles stocked the fridge with Vitamin Water Zeros which are my favorite so I drink about one a day. They also have electrolytes that help with hydrating 🙂

Irritability? Maybe a little, but I’m doing my best to keep it under wraps. Mr. Truffles might have a different story 😛

I’ve been feeling pretty good about this IVF cycle. I think I’ve done good at keeping calm and trying to stay relaxed while stimming. I’m a little nervous of how I will feel once egg retreival/transfer happens and I’m immersed in the dreaded wait game.  The 2 week wait during a regular cycle is hard enough, can you imagine the wait after IVF? Good thing Mr. Truffle and I are planning a relaxing weekend out of town (driving) to enjoy a weekend by some sort of water or relaxing scenery to keep our minds completely off of the wait… (as if … but I’m thinking i’ll be a little distracted to be tortured full throttle, right?)

And now I’m getting super nervous about the trigger shot – the dreaded Intramuscular shot. YIPE! That needle is HUGE! Any tips from those that have had to take the big needle, please help!!

Also some questions on my mind:

  1. Will I need to take the day after my egg retrieval off to re-coop? or will I feel OK going back to work?
  2. Did you take the whole day off on transfer day? Did you take the day  after off too?

Thanks all!!



8 responses

  1. Hey lady! I empathize with you about the constipation and bloating. I didn’t go the bathroom for a week. I was taking 250mg of colace/day with no relief. I finally ended up taking some magnesium citrate which helped me sleep a bit better AND finally got things moving. It is my go to rescue aid!! I was pretty miserable the day of my retrieval. And needed up just taking the week off of work. I really began to feel better the day after the retrieval but was still pretty bloated and in need of some rest. I had mandatory bed rest for 2 days following my transfer. Our clinic told me I couldn’t even showere for 48hrs. It felt like forever but you slowly get used to it. Anyway, I am sooo excited for you! Also, one more thought, our clinic does the Hcg shot subcutaneously just like all the other. 10,000units. It was painful but I think so much better than IM they just had me put a subQ needle on and said not to worry that the hcg trigger bottle said IM only. Anyway, just a thought but you are doing great and your progress sounds awesome! I imagine just a few more days and you’ll be growing those embies!

    • Hi Danielle! I think I’m definitely going to have to check with the trigger shot on whether it’s subcutaneous or intramuscular… good thought! I can’t believe our clinics are so different. I think mine sounds a little more liberal even though I’m pretty conservative about things especially when it comes to fertility and possible pregnancy! I will probably take it easy the day after too…. I got a call on Saturday that I may trigger Monday or Tuesday! Eep!!! thanks for your comment! 😀

  2. Happy to hear your blood draw went so much better today! I thought of you on Friday when I had to get mine drawn. She only stuck me once but had to move it around once it was in there. 😦 Got to love when they say “Let me know if this hurts.” Um, yes it does.

    When I did my trigger shot last time I iced the area for about 20 minutes or so and it worked really well for me. It did not hurt nearly as much as I had anticipated. Good luck!

  3. Glad to hear the blood draw went well! Your lining sounds great! My RE said anything over 6 is good! Fiber definitely helps during stim, retrieval, and after transfer! Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

    • Fiber is definitely wanted 🙂 I want to take care of all of that before retrieval and transfer! hope you had a restful wknd!

  4. I have a lot of those side effects too from my meds. Glad to know I’m not alone! (I started taking colace yesterday…talk about a miracle drug!) ; )

    Also, my transfer is scheduled for noon on Monday. I will be on bedrest until noon on Wednesday, but I might voluntarily extend it through all of Wednesday.

    My hubby gave me my trigger shot with the giant needle because there was no way I could reach around and do it myself. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous for it (and so was he), but then he injected the needle in a quick, dart-like motion like they tell you to do and I swear, I barely felt a thing. I even had to ask him if the needle went in all the way because I couldn’t feel it. The area was a bit tender (like a bruise) the next day but really not bad at all. I was so worried for nothing!

    Good luck!

    • I got the colace just in time. I was feeling pretty miserable last night and tried to ‘go’ in at like 3 am b/c I was so uncomfortable! But thank goodness the colace worked and I was able to get some relief this morning. miracle drug for sure! I’m definitely going to take it easy after my transfer, and am planning on icing for my trigger shot!

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