On your mark, Get Set…..

I’m on “Get Set…”

I had my suppression check yesterday. I didn’t really know what that meant until I got there. Basically, it was a quick check to see how calm my ovaries were, and whether or not I had any cysts. It was pretty easy. They did an ultra sound to check my lining (4.55 – nurse said it was nice and thin), then checked each side for cysts (none, yay), and to see how many follicles I had (on my left side, I had 14, on the right I didn’t catch what I had).  Then the NP came in and did a trial run of the ‘transfer’ which was basically making sure a catheter would go in easily. Since my uterus is retroverted, they had to bend the catheter a certain way, so they made note of that…. that was it!

I’ll be on “Get Set” till I start my stims this Saturday. On Saturday, I will finally be at “GO!!!”  



3 responses

  1. How exciting Truffle! I have a retroverted uterus too! I asked for a “mock” transfer, but they didn’t do one. I think the nurse said they will make a note of it when they do the retrieval. I am so excited for you!!!

  2. Hello from ICLW! I tell you what, giving myself shots was one of the more empowering elements of this IF journey. I’m glad you aren’t struggling with it, either! Good luck on this cycle!

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