Religion, Going Deep

So I’m currently out of state, and had to travel with my Lupron. Going through the airport with syringes and a lunch bag with frozen gel packs to keep my Lupron cool was actually a cinch. No questions, no nothing. I injected myself with Lupron in the airplane bathroom, and I must say I am a pro – efficient and quick! The only thing I forgot was my hazardous waste box. Oops. So Nurse Mom made me dispose of the needle in a glass juice bottle, in which I am now collecting all of my used injection needles while Iā€™m here. I do not yet know what I will do when I leave for back home.

Now, get ready… I’m going deep. I’ve grown up in a Christian home and have always gone to church my entire life. My extended family is all Christian, and the aunt in whom I’m visiting at the moment is what they call a ‘prayer warrior.’ She is retired and spends most of her time now serving in a church and praying for others. This morning, she showed me her church’s official prayer request list and lo and behold, my name, and Mr. Truffle’s name was there of many, in which all of praying me and women go down the list and pray for through the week. I was touched. She has been praying for us early in the morning every morning for months. My mom and aunt (a different aunt back at home) wanted me to ask for my aunt to pray over me for me to conceive, so I asked her to. She prayed over me this morning with my mom next to me and I cried. My aunt has the gift of interpreting the Holy Spirit, and as she was praying she interpreted what the Holy Spirit was saying to her. “Truffles – be thankful, always thankful. Do not worry – you have been worrying. You are a precious daughter of mine, and I will bless you. Mr. Truffles is a son whom I love. And I will bless him. Be thankful.”

I’m going to be more thankful from now on. I already feel good and optimistic about this IVF cycle. I took my last birth control pill last night (yay) and will be starting my stims next Saturday!



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