Traveling with Lupron

I will only be on day 3 of my Lupron injections, and I have to go out-of-town (flying domestic) and travel with my Lupron. Maybe that is why I feel, and have been feeling extremely tense and nervous; because I imagine it being such a pain to have to get on an airplane with a cooler and needles. It’s only a 2-3 hour flight so I’m convincing myself that it won’t be so bad. But I’m also worried about the fact that I’ll be staying at someone’s house, and will have to refrigerated my Lupron, and do my nightly injections there. Whatever.

I got a letter from my RE office saying that I am undergoing ‘hormone therapy’ and will need my injectable meds with me at all times. When I emailed my NP about traveling with Lupron, she didn’t seem too worried about it. And when I googled forums on traveling with IVF meds, I’ve read that there’s really nothing to it, and that airport security never really even asked for a letter or really opened the cooler for that matter. And I’ve also read of couples who purposely traveled to the Caribbean or Mexico  during stims to relax and to take it easy during the whole process (jealous!). But for some reason I still feel anxious and my shoulders feel tight. I shouldn’t feel like this, but I can’t help it. I have ‘selective type-A syndrome.’ I choose what I freak out about (sort of) which is random.  The only thing that really helps is a massage or yoga breathing, which is annoying and loud and makes me look like a crazy person. Oh well. An infertile girl’s gotta do what an infertile girl’s gotta do, right? Anyone got any travel advice with meds that need to be refrigerated?

So did my first Lupron injection last night; it was a little chaotic. We were out to dinner with a friend from out-of-town. And to make a long story short, we lost track of time and came home at around 10pm. Lupron injection instructions were to inject from 7pm-9pm. I haven’t watched my video yet and decided to skip the injections class! (oy vey) So I’m in a panic, and Mr. Truffle is whizzing us home telling me to calm down. I feel tense and annoyed that my first injection was ‘not perfect’ and that it had been a while since I injected myself with anything  (my last IUI). I feel rushed, feel hesitant, and just need more time! I call my sister the pharmacist; and after watching ivillage pharmacy videos on you-tube twice, it went alright. It stung a bit, but Mr. Truffles thinks I injected myself at too much of an angle, so maybe that is why. Tonight, I’m going to be better prepared, be in a calm state of mind, shower beforehand, try icing and having Mr. Truffles give me the injection. What fun 😛



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