Thyroids & Juicers

Happy 5th of July. I am stuffed from eating so much yesterday. I ‘almost’ ate as if it were Thanksgiving yesterday, nap after meal and all! Now I’m back at work and my stomach is grumbling asking me why my indulgent eating behaviour has suddenly stopped. I’m trying to distract myself by drinking juice and green tea, but I’m pretty sure I’ll give in and try to find something ‘semi’ healthy to eat while I’m sitting here, 1 of 3 people who actually made it to work today.

On Monday, I had a blood draw for the regular check ups before IVF. On Tuesday my NP called and said I had elevated thyroid levels. uh oh. I thought ‘oh is that why I’ve been gaining weight?’ and then i snapped back into the reality that i have been eating hamburgers and carbs, whoopsies! Ok so elevated thyroids. I’m hoping that my thyroids were just elevated on a temporary basis due to stress. I go in today for my follow-up to see if I need to be put on thyroid medication – which i do NOT want to be put on. I spent yesterday and the day before trying my best to relax myself and to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I have been de-hydrated; and my last blood draw was painful. Needle in, poked in deep, and no blood coming out. The nurse told me to relax and squeeze the ball. After my 2nd deep breath, she said ok, it’s starting to come out. not good (i do not like needles).  So this morning I’m determined to hydrate, so that my veins are nice and plump for today’s blood draw in about 2 hours.  Think good thoughts that my thyroid levels are back to normal!

Onto juicing. I watched some documentaries this weekend! I don’t usually watch documentaries as I prefer sappy dramas and romantic comedies, but I got into it, and watched 3 documentaries on food, 1 on 9/11, and 1 on Bill Cunningham of the NY Times (so cute!).  My 3 food documentaries that I watched, somewhat inspired me. One in particular, ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ which is about juicing and its awesome health benefits and healing powers! I recommend watching it if you haven’t. After watching it over the wknd, I started googling juice machine reviews, (who knew there were so many out there) and was seriously thinking about getting one. Well on the fourth of July, I turned on the documentary and some of my family including Mr. Truffles, began watching it. An hour after the documentary was finished, I found myself in the car with Mr. Truffles on our way to pick up a juicer! Apparently the documentary inspired more than just myself haha! But to our dismay, the stores were closed (holiday – should have figured) so we came home empty-handed. But we are going to get one and start juicing within the next few days!

I’m excited to cleanse my body (in moderation) as I gear up for IVF, and fill myself with healthy micronutrients. You realize that the American way of eating is just horrid. Mr.Truffles and I are pretty healthy and eat healthily on most occasions. But when we fall of the band wagon sometimes, we fall hard. >.< I am still on birth control pills and will be on them until July 14, and start my Lupron on July 10, so I figure I have some time to do somewhat of a mild detox before I start stimming. (I’ve been googling, and it seems pretty safe to do). I think I’ll try the No Food, Only Juice for only a few days, and then focus on eating clean foods and use the green juice concoction as a supplement or meal replacement. Not really sure this is ‘the one’ but we are thinking of getting this one… Breville 900 JEXL, isn’t it pretty?


*edit*** we ended up getting an Omega juicer, and we are quite happy with it. Read the reviews for our Omega 330 juicer here.



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