It’s Real

It’s real now. I received my IVF calendar so I have a visual that I could constantly look at, to remind myself that IVF is really happening.  Looking at the calendar, and all of the days that I have to star t this pill, start this injection, change the dose of the other injection, go in for blood tests, etc, makes me feel better. It makes me feel a sense of control in the very un-controllable world of infertility. Yet, it also overwhelms me to think just how much ‘stuff’ I will be pumping into my body. 

I’m in the process of shopping for meds. Anyone have any good recs?

I really think insurance should cover fertility, IVF. Or that the government should subsidize some of the costs of fertility treatments. But that’s a whole other post.



One response

  1. I agree. It is overwhelming how much drugs we will be pumping! I read some ladies enjoy giving themselves the shots… Hubby will have to do mine! Surprising the lupron was covered by insurance without them asking about the fertility insurance coverage… So i wonder if it may be the same for others… Some insurance publishes their medication coverage list online too. I found my insurance’s list just googling for it.

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