Calm Before the Storm

I’m on my Birth Control Pills for the IVF cycle. Apparently, BCPs not only ‘calm’ all of the ovaries down, to get them on a clean and even playing field before stimulations happen, they also do the same for the uterin lining apparently. Getting the ovaries/eggs down to a grounded level will ultimlately allow those ovaries to respond to the stimulation meds when that starts. This weekend the RE also called in my meds to the pharmacy so I guess my protocal will involve menopur (great, this one is the one that stings right?). Everytime I get a call about what my next steps are in the IV F process, I feel excited. Every now and then I also get a woosh of ‘wow, I’m really doing this,’  but that subsides quickly enough.

Is it ironic that I have never been on birth control before (I never liked the thought of messing with my hormones) and that I am on it as I’m TRYING to get pregnant? 

Side effects: I have break outs, insomnia at night, and nausea in the morning. I have to have something in my stomach as soon as I wake up, something bread-y and carb filled (which I try not to eat so much – well, i’ve been kinda eating a ton of it lately though) in attempts calm the stomach down.  It’s getting better though. 



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  1. I didn’t get around to blogging about this, but on my last couple of days of menopur, I iced my stomach before injecting it. This helped prevent some of that stinging because my skin and layers below were kind of numb, so I couldn’t feel the medicine go in. I just wish I had thought of doing it earlier for this medicine!

    • Hi Katherine! Thanks for the ice tip. I think I’m definitely going to have to try that as I feel like even my Lupron injections sting. I’m afraid of the menopur!

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