Coffee & Wine Anyone?

Does anyone struggle with these two things like I do? I feel like for so many tcc’ers, it’s a no brainer… for me, I STRUGGLE with coffee and wine! Don’t get me wrong, I can control my urges, but MAN, does coffee ever smell so sweet and wine look so fine when you are trying not to have any!


It doesn’t help that I literally have a Starbucks in the lobby of the building that I work in. So as soon as I walk in the building every morning, the smell is just tantalizing!! And then of course, everyone on my floor is sipping on starbucks in morning meetings and while checking their emails; it’s like dangling a carrot in front of a horse, that’s all you can see… or smell!  I love coffee, plain and simple.  I don’t need anything fancy; I just need a tall drip. I’ve tried reducing my coffee intake into a short but that just doesn’t do either. A short coffee gets colder faster, and the baristas in the lobby of my building leave too much ‘room’ for cream, even if you ask them not to.  I’ve also tried the decaff route. It’s ok when I’m desperate, but it doesn’t have that ‘tang’ that regular coffee has. And I’m not high maintenance by no means when it comes to coffee. Of course Starbucks tastes good, but I’m perfectly content bringing in my tumbler full of homemade brew. But that’s a little tricky because there’s no way to ‘sneak’ a cup of coffee in without the hubby giving me the wide eye. It’s not that he doesn’t ‘let me’ have coffee, because he believes it to be fine, but he gets wide eyed at just how high I fill my tumbler with coffee. Oops! Hey, when I cheat, I cheat all the way  😛  


Gawd I love wine. I love most all red wines, champagne, and a good glass of sauvignon blanc. But I have been doing pretty good while TTC’ing. I will have a glass or two when evil AF shows her face, and maybe one glass during the first half of my cycle. I really don’t have any during the two week wait, but it’s super hard! While I have always preferred wine over mixed drinks or beer, I TRULY started to love wine when my husband and I traveled to Europe together. We had a grand old time in Europe, and did how the Europeans do enjoying wine with every meal, stopped for a glass when we needed a break while exploring cities, or had a glass of wine while enjoying the beautiful scenery around us. Sigh, that was fun.  I also watch Mad Men, and boy do they drink. They drink ALL THE TIME, and they make it look good.

I know this post may make me sound like the least bit healthiest of persons, but other than the coffee and wine thing, in which I find myself in ‘want’ when I can’t have any, I eat pretty healthy. The hubs and I have been eating as much organic foods as we can, shop mostly from Whole Foods and try and eat a lot of salads, fish, lean meats, etc.  

And yes, I know, have read, and have even heard my own RE say that coffee in moderation (1-2 beverages a day) will not affect TCC or IVF, but I figure if I’m going to do all of ‘this’ to try and have a baby, giving up wine and coffee shouldn’t be no thang….  I love coffee & wine, but I want to do whatever it takes to remotely help get that bfp.  There, the root of my struggle.


P.S. I totally forgot to take my BCP last night before bed! I had it all ready to go, went to brush my teeth and completely forgot and fell asleep.  😦  oopsie! I will start them tonight.


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  1. Hi Truffle! I ❤ sweetened ice coffee! I have gotten used to the decaf, but I found out that the decaf has some caffeine in it too so I've been trying really hard to not even drink that! :-/ But earlier this week I gave in and had two cups of coffee. 1 "decaf" and 1 caffeinated!

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