A little about me …

I guess it’d be good to do a little intro about myself and where my hubby and I are in our journey in trying to make our family.

I’m 31, and Mr. Truffle is 33. We were married in 2007 when we were 26 and 28.  Since then, we’ve been traveling and enjoying life. Mr. Truffle has been a traveler since before we met, so when we got married, we traveled all over; Thailand, Malaysia, Carribean, South Korea, Canada, Taiwan, Spain, France, Italy, London and more. All the while that we were traveling and living life, I was also taking night classes in Grad School AND working a full time job. I look back and I still don’t know how I did that.

Anyway, we said after our Europe trip, we’d start trying. This was when I was 28, in 2010. Since then this has been our fertility journey:

7/2010-7/2011 – Trying naturally for 6 months and then decided to try opk sticks. Finding out that I ovulate a bit late on my regular 28-30 day cycle.

8/2011  – Start charting my bbt temps. I find that I have a slightly short luteal phase, but nothing a little vitamin B Complex can’t fix

11/2011 – Go to my OBGYN to let them know “um, I’m 30 years old and I’ve been trying for a year with no luck” they do a few blood tests and everything looks fine. They say I can go to Fertility Clinic if I feel I need to.

3/2012 – I go make my first appointment. Mr. Truffle does a SA – everything on his end is perfect. I do an HSG and they tell me that my tubes are open but I MAY have polyps (what?).

4/2012– I find I do not have polyps through a diagnostic hysteroscopy. I’m relieved, but not really. At this point I was excited to just go ahead and remove the polyps already so I could hurry up and get preggers! if it’s not the polyps, what IS it? Ugh, I guess it is a good thing I dont’ have polyps, I should be thankful that nothing is ‘wrong.’

5/2012 – IUI #1 – medicated with 5mg of Letrazole, natural ovulation. BFN (1 day chem preg – I’ll expand in another post)

6/2012 – IUI #2 – medicated with 5mg of Letrzole, CD9 fsh (Brevelle injection), Ovridel (trigger), 100mg of Prometrium (progesterone)  BFN

6/20/2012 – Ever since we started the IUI #2, Mr. Truffle and I have been contemplating IVF, and we are 99% sure we will do that this cycle. (I’m currently on CD2) Today is our RE’s IVF seminar that they hold once a month. We have to tell my Nurse Practitioner (NP) if we are doing IVF for sure by Thursday (tomorrow) so that I could start my birth control pills.

So my diagnosis? Unexplained Infertility (Bleh). My thoughts on infertility… at first was devestation. ‘Why ME! – why can’t I be one of those girls who got pregnant on the first try!’ But now, it has now subsided to a weird level of acceptance numbness maybe? I believe that I will get pregnant, and I believe that I will be a mother, I am just frustrated (and annoyed) at the process.



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  1. You are amazing! That’s so awesome that you guys were able to travel the world and you even went to Grad school during it! I was half way through Grad school and quit because we started TTC and I didn’t want to stress out. Now I regret not finishing it! :-/ I did just finish a course at a local community college because I was thinking of getting all the pre-med courses done and possibly go to pharmacy school in the future. The course I took this past semester covered my psychology credit! It was called Psychology of Parenting 101!!! I loved it! It’s funny because when I go to my friend’s kid’s bday parties, I get to watch how crazy the kids are and what the parents are doing right and/or wrong (according to the class)! This Fall semester I may be taking a refresher “Java” programming class instead. (I am somewhat of a nerd….j/k). All in all, I learned these past years of TTCing is to not let the TTC stop you from doing what you want! (Ahhh) That’s not saying that you should drink all the wine and coffee. ;-P

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