Hello World!

Hello world!

So many other blogs have helped me through my journey of infertility, that I decided to start one too. I started one in hopes to ‘pay it forward.’ And I truly mean that. I’ve read so many stories of people going through fertility treatments, blood draws, ultrasounds, IUI’s and IVF that have helped me feel prepared, helped me feel like i’m not the only crazy symptom seeking woman on earth, and have also helped me feel hopeful.

And let’s face it, I wanted another forum in which I could liberally talk about all of the crazy obsessive things that run through my mind each cycle, especially during the dreaded two week wait, all behind the secure confines of a computer screen and keyboard.

We’re all in this headed in the same direction, towards getting that bfp. I’d rather get there taking ‘hope’ road, wouldn’t you?




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